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RaptorCares is a patient support program created with input from nephropathic cystinosis patients and caregivers who understand the challenges and successes you may experience. RaptorCares provides valuable services to support you every step of the way. Be sure to check back regularly for new and updated content.

For the general nephropathic cystinosis community, RaptorCares offers important information about nephropathic cystinosis as well as valuable tools to help you better manage the challenges along the way.

For people prescribed PROCYSBI, RaptorCares offers access and reimbursement support as well as ongoing nurse and e-mail communications to help you or a loved one stay on track with treatment.

Personalized support for eligible patients who are prescribed PROCYSBI

RaptorCares, Accredo Specialty Pharmacy, and You


Reimbursement Assistance for insured patients

  • RaptorCares advocates on patients’ behalf to help ensure coverage for PROCYSBI and to resolve contested claims
  • Copay assistance will minimize out-of-pocket expenses for eligible patients

Reimbursement Assistance for underinsured patients

  • RaptorCares helps find available alternate or supplemental insurance to cover drug costs if needed
  • Qualified patients may be eligible for financial assistance to help cover premiums
  • If no insurance coverage can be secured, the RaptorCares Patient Assistance Program may provide PROCYSBI directly to eligible patients

Travel Assistance

  • Will assist in finding financial assistance to help cover travel-related expenses (eg, hotels, gasoline) which may be available for eligible patients who must travel for treatment

WBC Cystine Testing Assistance

  • RaptorCares also offers reimbursement assistance to cover the cost associated with WBC cystine testing for eligible patients

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